Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Starry Nights of Summer

I haven't done a Van Gogh lesson in a couple of years. The last lesson I did the kids were so frustrated with the "impressionistic style"--dashes, dashes everywhere-- that I decided to quit fighting with them and I took some time away and taught Monet instead. We watched "Getting to Know theWorld's Greatest Artists" (I'm not big on videos, but this one crams in every detail about his life in 23 minutes!) and then revisted Starry Night.

We then created our own version of the Starry Night, one with which our kiddos could relate--a starry night over the Gulf of Mexico. We used tempera paint on black paper and I just ADORE the way they all (all 126 of them!) came out. I usually don't say that about many projects, but I love the whimsy of each of these paintings. I hope the kids are as proud of them as I am!


  1. I'm currently teaching Van Gogh now too! These paintings look great - there's so many great ways to interpret Van Gogh, and the kids respond so well to him, don't they?

  2. I love that your kids used palm trees instead of copying the original! Genius!