Thursday, February 16, 2012

tropical birds

I saw these birds on another blog (which one? HELP!!!!) and thought they were so adorable! My fifth graders drew the birds on black paper and traced their lines in glue.

They then used chalk pastel to color the background (and consequently make a HUGE, dusty mess in my classroom!!!)

I love how folk-artsy the birds look, and of COURSE I love the colors!

You definitely need two days for this project, day one is for drawing and tracing in glue (the glue needs about 24 hours to fully dry).

I did a similar project to this last year when my fifth graders made lizards. They really seem to enjoy using these mediums!


  1. I do a similar project with second. The bird look the same (from Denise Logan's book, Dynamic Art Projects for Children), but we use construction paper crayons and liquid watercolors. These are beautiful!

  2. Great project! The drawings and colors are beautiful! :)

  3. The colors are AMAZING! Good work!

  4. Joanna,

    Did you have your students draw their birds from looking at a pattern? It seems like the examples you show here have the same basic shape for the birds and the heads turned the same way and everything. Sorry for the simple question, but I have 5th graders that seem to need a lot of guidance and I'm thinking I may need to give them the general shape of the bird and stick so that they can focus more on the glue and colors.

  5. I did. We did a directed drawing fifth graders seem like yours. They need a ton of guidance and have "artist's block" OFTEN. I know it's not the "ideal" way to let the kids create, but they do like that they have a successful project at the end of class :) GOOD LUCK!