Friday, February 10, 2012

making art together

I've posted on the joys and successes my students have had creating collaborative circle paintings before....and I've now posted about the collaborative process on PreK and K Sharing!

Something magical happened while my students were creating these large panels...they innately learned to think like real artists and execute their ideas in a manner I've never seen before. Some students who feel like they "can't" (an inferiority complex I'm really struggling to help MANY of my students overcome, especially in the test-taking grades) now feel like they're accomplished, worthy artists. Thier "piece" has become part of the "whole". It's been one of those teachable moments on so many levels that I wouldn't trade for the world.

I've seen several collaborative murals popping up around the art-blogging world, and one thing has been consistent: the satisfaction the children have for a "job well done" means even more when they create something with their peers!

Please hop on over to see what else I have to say about this...or to post a link to YOUR circle paintings!
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