Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Max-inspired Liberties

For my Fifth-grade September 11 "Tribute" projects, we made a Peter Max-esque Liberty! I showed the students a quick video of him working (from YouTube) and we dry-brushed our backgrounds with primary colors. This took an entire day.

On Day 2 we used black ink and paintbrushes (no erasing!!! These students KILL me with their endless erasing...time to teach them to "own" their mistakes!) to make our Liberty busts.

I absolutely ADORE these! In some of the paintings you can also see how the students incorporated their names into the artwork like Peter Max did.


  1. These are wonderful Joanna! I may have to change my next project idea and give this a try. thanks for sharing!

  2. The colors and textures are amazing.
    What a great project for The September 11 Tribute.