Wednesday, September 28, 2011

tap cap

Be still my beating heart. My NEW favorite invention EVER! This is the "Tap-N-Glue" cap. We have had some serious problems with lids breaking off glue bottles, pencil leads being trapped in glue bottles (from kids trying to unclog the opening), glue holes cut by rogue scissors "I was jussss trying to help, Mrs. Davis"! Not to mention the sheer amount of glue squashing out from under tiny pieces of paper. Oy.

With this super-fantastical invention, all the kids have to do is press the bottle down on their paper and the perfect tiny amount of glue comes out. My older kids are annoyed by them, but whatever. It is MY classroom after all!

I believe they are in the neighborhood of $1.87 each. It is definitely worth the investment. One of our Kindergarten teachers told me she's had hers for 5 years. I'm sure they take less of a beating in her room, but still...

Lid, I love you. Welcome to Art!


  1. i've been wondering about these, myself. the glue "clogulation situation" is a real headache. please give us all an update once you've tried them out!

  2. I have these caps too. We have them on some of the bottles. I show the difference at the beginning of the year and they choose which bottle to use. I like them a lot, especially for gr 3 and under. We also need regular glue tips too, for doing glue outlines for chalk and oil pastel projects in the upper grade levels.

  3. My younger grades don't even use glue bottles any more. I pour the glue in to small dishes and give them q-tips to spread it on. Yes the q-tips do get a little "soggy", but their artwork has turn out beautiful and glue-blob free without all the clogs.