Saturday, March 10, 2012

using QR codes in art!

I've been using our brand new iPads a bunch in my classroom lately, thanks to a substantial grant from the Education Foundation of Sarasota County, Inc! My students love using them as a "center" after they are finished with their artwork, but I love using them to get kids more personally involved in their artwork by using QR codes.

QR (quick response) codes are codes that can be scanned with a smart phone (with a QR scanner app), iPad, or iPod. The scan automatically takes you to a web page (we like FotoBabble) where you can hear kids talk about their artwork, the process, the artist, their choices, etc. They've been amazing assessment tools for me, and the students have a blast recording their voices and taking photos!

To read more about the different apps I use to make the codes, head over to my contributing post on PreK and K Sharing to learn more!


  1. How many iPads! I want to see more about how you use them! I still can't wrap my head around how I'd have time to do the QR thing in the classroom. How do you make it work? Does it take a lot of extra time after school to work on it or can the kids do it themselves? Going over to the other link now.

  2. I have 3 iPads right now with lofty plans for more. I also let them use my iPhone for FotoBabble. My kids ADORE them...and they love interviewing each other after the projects are finished. This also makes it SUPER easy for me to assess them as well. Right now I'm experimenting with the QR codes and am making it work for US. of course it's extra work....but really, it's awesome. I hope you went over and got the step-by-step on how we do it!