Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Big-Mouthed Monsters (plus a clay LINKY party!)

 This is what my ENTIRE room looks like right now, and my two kilns are working 'round the clock. For me, it's easiest to do clay with everyone (grades 1-5) at the same time, and I always do it during state testing (here it is the FCAT). Our school doesn't "shut down" during state testing...the kids still come to Specials, so I always have to have some sort of "release" for them while they're academically stressed. In the photo above you can see what my Fourth Graders are working on-- Keith Haring dancing figures...a study in their first clay "building" experience.

*Many of my first, second, and third grade projects are based on the pinch pot. It's a great all-around form to start with, and students feel secure making it into something else, which I've done now for years.
 My fifth graders are creating these adorable "big-mouthed monsters" which begin with a pinch pot, turned to the side to create the mouth. I love all the details they are coming up with to add to their monsters, and I've been stressing to them that "just like every one of you in this classroom who is unique, you MUST add something to your monster to make IT unique, too."
 A concept that bears repeating over, and over, and over, and over. I promise to get some more pictures up of these little gems once they are glazed.
I would really like to broaden my clay repertoire, though...expand beyond the pinch pot,especially since both the kids (and myself) feel a certain level of success when we're using pinch pots as a starting-off-point.

What are your greatest clay successes? Do you have wonderful clay lessons you'd like to share? Please link up your ceramic clay idea to the Linky below! This Linky party will remain open until May 31st, so please blog to your friends or colleagues who may have some awesome ideas!