Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Burton Morris Pop Hearts

I just finished up a unit on Pop Art with my Third Graders, focusing on the artwork of Pop Artist Burton Morris. I introduced the lesson by giving the students a brief tour through his web site and then showing them this video where he talks about his campaign with Coca Cola and what inspired his designs for Coke. 
We discussed Pop Art, icons, and popular culture. Morris' Coca Cola campaign included a highly-recognized American icon, so doing a heart for Valentine's Day was very "American" as well!

We started off with the following pieces of paper:
I had all these sheets set out and pre-cut for them. They were allowed to choose their own colors for the project.
1 9x9 sheet of black paper
1 8x8 sheet of turquoise, yellow, or pink paper, for the background
2 sheets different colored paper (for big heart) sized 6x9"
1 small piece white paper 3x4.5 for glare marks and movement lines
used scraps (trade with the person next to you) for smaller hearts

 Displayed together they look so awesome and POP-PY! This was a very timely project, as we have been working a lot on scissor technique, collage, and master artists (and it's a perfect Valentine-y project mwahahahahahaha!)
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  1. Love these! Just completed Jim Dine hearts with my 2nd graders.

  2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this project! They are so simple and clean but they are awesome to look at! I think I may have to steal this project from you! I've never heard of the artist Burton Morris...and considering the fact that I love Coca-Cola and collect Coke memorabilia, I guess I had better brush up on him first!

  3. So bright and cheerful! Pinning!

  4. Hi Joanna

    I love these. The designs are REALLY strong. Thanks for sharing all your links. I was also unfamiliar with Burton Morris.

    Also - I really like that serrated edge on the background paper. It reminds me of perforated stamps.

  5. What a great lesson with paper sizes too. May I ask how do you add your name to your photos?

  6. I love the jagged look of the edge design and the bright colors. And who doesn't like to work with the beautiful heart shape.

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