Sunday, March 10, 2013

he wanted to make art

My fire-truck-loving, match-box-car-obsessed son asked me to bring him to MY school the other afternoon to make art. Of course, I obliged! I had some q-tips out from a Kindergarten project and he requested paint.


Love them.

Read more about his art-making adventure over at our collaborative blog!


  1. Precious picture and a cute painting project, too. I love the fly always most of all!

  2. he is such a adorable little man! and it looks like he is very happy with his art work:)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you've had unwanted comments. I LOVE your Blog and stop by for fresh inspiration. I am in awe of you teaching all week AND running a blog. Please know how much we all appreciate your efforts even if we don't always leave comments. And know too that we are with you in spirit.

    YOur little guy is wonderful! :) xx Liz in Sheffield, England

    1. Oh, thank you Liz! I really appreciate and feel your love all the way from England! Running the blog is easy...showing off my kiddos' work is easy! Thanks for reading and leaving such nice feedback!