Wednesday, October 23, 2013

very BUSY spiders!

I have just started an Eric Carle unit with my Kindergartners and First Graders! Eric Carle is one of my favorite artists, so I was so excited to start this unit with them.

I showed them pieces and parts of the movie "Eric Carle: Picture Writer", focusing on the parts where he makes his painted papers.

So, I loaded up the tables with different colored bright paints, texture rollers, and big brushes and let the kids go to town making some painted paper.

The next day we read Eric Carle's book "The Very Busy Spider" and discussed the theme of WORK! To begin with, we made webs on black paper with white crayon (make a big X on a paper and make circles around the intersection...easy peasy way to make a web!)

They then used their painted papers (I cut them down into smaller pieces and passed them out randomly!) to cut out a body (large circle), head (small circle), and 8 skinny legs. This week we were focusing on scissor techniques.

Lastly, we used googly-eyes for the eyes on our spiders! Everything is better when a googly eye is involved! (I had a parent donate literally 5,000 eyes...better use them up!)

Stay tuned for LOTS more fun Eric Carle artwork coming to We Heart Art!