Tuesday, April 12, 2011

bunny sculpture tutorial

This is a quick "tutorial" on how to make the bunny sculptures I had in this post. They were quite the rage and I had kids in tears who missed art that week, so I had a few extra visitors here and there so they could make their bunnies!
A 9"x9" sheet of green. Fold the sides in and have the kids cut fringe to make it look like grass!
Roll two pieces of 3"x9" strips of white and glue them together to make the bunny's body.
Glue on ears, nose, feet, etc. I LOOOOOOOOOVE sticker eyes from Sax Arts. They are cheaper than the "googly" eyes and don't slide down from too much glue...just stick it and forget it!
Add a cotton-ball tail...
We added a little Easter grass for pizzazz...
...and called it a day!

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