Monday, November 28, 2011

The Coke Bears

My Second graders have been discussing different careers that would require some Art knowledge and they are totally enlightening themselves! They are realizing that MANY, MANY careers out there require some knowledge of color, graphics, design, etc. It's so fun to see their little minds work!

I heard recently that Coke was putting out new Coke cans for the Holiday Season which would be white with polar bears on them, and a portion of the proceeds from these special cans would go toward protecting the polar bears. To my kids, it's just another Coke can. After today, though, I really hope they realized that someone designed that can, probably someone with an artistic bone in their body.

The Coke polar bear campaign has been around since 1922! Over the years the commercials and print ads have really evolved...but this is an ad that my students can relate to! So today, after reading about the lore of the Coke polar bears, we whipped up some of our own. We used 12x18 blue paper and styrofoam printing paper. The kids drew their polar bear onto the styrofoam and printed it. We used the leftover styrofoam to make small nose, eye, and mouth stamps. Lastly, we used fabric scraps to make a scarf. I had a bunch of kids that wanted to "dress them up" even more, so I may just let them go to town next week with the fabric and yarn bins and see what they come up with!

Here is an example of the bears before I give them artistic license next week! I will be sure to post some "after" pictures, too!


  1. very cute! love it! glad to see inspiration is all around : )

  2. Such cute ideas I am seeing lately! Love it all!