Thursday, November 10, 2011

luli sanchez dot paintings

I was so inspired by the beautiful fabrics that Luli Sanchez ( makes! They are so simple and understated, but the simple geometric patterns were a great "jumping off point" for some upcycled bottle cap printing done by my fourth graders!

*Recently I was cited by the Fire Marshall for storage in my classroom. I hoard stuff BIG TIME in case my budget doesn't add up, which will probably be the case in the near future! Alas, I decided to dip into my bottlecap stash and that is what we used for the dots (the back sides) and the circles (the bottoms) for this project!

I gave them each 4 colors of paint. They printed the backs (dots) first in rows across and down their papers. On day 2 we printed the circles (rings) in empty spaces and on the tops of the dots in some cases. Sometimes there were distinct rows of circles and dots, and sometimes things got a little confusing. Either way, they turned out GREAT!

One hang-up some of my kids had were the imperfections some of the stamps made. Many of them wanted to have complete circles....but after looking at Luli's "professional" work, they embraced their imperfections, too.
I have lots more to photograph and add...I will do another post with a photobomb later!


  1. I found you through Teach Preschool and I do "embrace the handprint!" Wandered over to this blog and I see I have found a fellow-hoarder. Thanks so much for the fabulous idea for bottle tops, of which I have a gigantic cheese ball container full! Will be back for more ideas!