Thursday, January 12, 2012

Glue U

Don't you feel like sometimes even though you've been doing things for so still have LOTS to learn?

Oh, wait, it's just ME?!?!

Just kidding, I can see your heads bobble up and down as you read this post!

I've felt for the last few months that I've lost control of the glue usage in my classroom. Remember when I bought the "tap caps" and was so excited about them? FAIL. They got all clogged up, then my kids would unscrew them and glue would come pouring out....UGH. I went back to using regular glue bottles. I emphasized my poster of Fred Flintstone saying "a little dab'll do ya" (yes, I made it, yes, you can copy it!)...I emphasized the "no puddles of glue" on my No No Board. I had some 5th graders decorate my glue bottles with threatening messages. I had them count glue dots ("one in each corner and one in the middle!").

I kept getting HUGE messes no matter what I did or said. Cue exhibit One (of many):

I decided to take matters into my own hands.....use a scrap piece of paper and put a puddle of glue on it for glue usage. The kids have to dip their fingers in it to glue their papers down. You will see the following occur:

1. They don't like the feel of it, so they don't use much. WIN!
2. There is no opportunity for huge puddles. WIN!
3. They see their results are so much better...and I'm praising them, so they're happy. WIN!
4. I told them if they do this right for a couple projects I'd give the bottles back---so they're trying to impress me. WIN! ( it's so successful- will I ever hit the bottle again?!)
5. They scold EACH OTHER when they use too much. Less harping from me and I can enjoy teaching more. My voice is saved. WIN!
6. We can stack papers at the end of class because no glue is squishing out! WIN!

I just thought I'd share my glue-y success with you all...I'm glad I finally figured out how to keep it under control after all these years!

PS- did you know? Coating the necks of glue bottles with Vaseline before screwing on the lids will aid you as you need to take them off for refills!

Happy weekend!


  1. How many gallons of glue do you order/use for one school year? I order 5 gallons and usually go through 4 a year. The glue thing is never consistent for me. Some months they are great others not so much...

  2. My fifth graders had their own little glue catastrophes this week (actually more my catastrophe than theirs since I was the one who was annoyed!!) It happens:))

  3. I totally hear you on the glue thing. There's always one in each class that just has puddles oozing out the sides of what they're gluing! Good luck, and the poster is cute!

  4. Love this! I always chant "Just a dot, NOT a lot..." But like how this resolves the problem!

  5. With my preschoolers, my aide and I put glue on a paper plate for them, and the kids use Q-tips to spread glue on their paper. This works pretty well for me because mostly we use glue sticks which can also be a big headache because there's always a few that wind their glue stick up too high. We go through glue sticks like crazy.

  6. Thanks for the glue tips, now can you solve the pencil sharpener dilemma? :)

  7. Great idea!! I will be giving this one a go soon. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Very Cute and Great Idea! Thank you for sharing.

  9. I take small butter tubs and punch a hole in the lids. I put glue in them and then put cheap, plastic bristled paint brushes in the hole. They kids can scrape excess glue off when they remove the brushes and paint the glue onto whatever they're gluing down. I also save some lids without holes and just put them on afterwards to save the glue. There is clean up of the lids with holes and the brushes though.

    Also, I just learned that if your glue sticks dry up, you can revive them by putting them top down in a little cup of water overnight. Sometimes they come out too mushy, but as we know they dry.