Friday, August 17, 2012

ready for monday!

Well, my classroom is ready for kiddos on Monday! I always like to see the spaces that everyone works in, so I decided to show you mine, too! (I also wanted to take some pictures of my room while it's clean, because this is the BEST it is going to look all year!...and there are still a few piles of stuff in places! ha!)

I love that I am able to set up my tables like this. I have 9 tables in a "U" shape. I love it because no one ever has their back to me, and there is plenty of space in the middle for me to bring my Kindergartners together for reading or demos.
I have lots of cabinets, and they're all JAMMED full! I also have my handy-dandy shrink wrap machine for Art Shows. I love that thing!
The front of my room, and my ActivBoard. I use the Activ Board a lot with my document camera to demo projects.
My supply table. The kids have access to anything on this table (usually it is a gigantic mess, but I don't mind!)
This is my shelving system to keep track of artwork by class. I have 40 classes that I see weekly, and each class has a shelf to house artwork that needs to stay here.
I am so IN LOVE with my new Erin Condren lesson plan book! I love that I could upload a picture to look at all year (it's my son) on the cover! Also, my iPad is loaded with inspirational music to work to this year!
This is my free-time station. I have tons of drawing books, free paper, tangrams, tessellation puzzles, etc. The kids love the drawing books when there is extra time! Above is my weekly schedule. The blank spaces are just because our laminator broke and I wasn't able to laminate the new teachers' cards!
The view from the door. We're ready to go on Monday! Make it a wonderful year!


  1. Looks great! Have a nice back-to-school week!

  2. You have a nice large room! I love all the counter and storage space you seem to have! :)

  3. oh my - I think 3 of my room would fit in your space! What a wonderful setup. Here's to a great year ahead!

  4. Very Impressive! I think we all yearn for a large room like yours. I was wondering about the shrink wrap apparatus you showed. I've only seen those in retail stores. What do you use it for?

    1. I use my shrink wrap machine for work going to art shows! It just looks...better! I back with cardboard and the wrap. It looks nice and the kids are pleased with their professional-looking work!