Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Leaf Stamping

This is a project I do every year with my Kindergartners to show them how to print. Because in Florida we're lacking a bit in the "Fall Leaves" department, rubber stamps will have to do!
I do this by teaching centers again (I have 9 tables in my room, so I have 3 sets of red, orange, and yellow paints/leaves set up). The students rotate after they've printed 3 leaves of one color to the next station.
I also extended the lesson into my first grade classes as well! They had done this lesson last year (obviously) in Kindergarten, but I switched it up on them and they printed 8 white leaves on black paper. They then used red, orange, and yellow sponge stampers to fill in the background. On day 2 they embellished their white flowers with COOL colored oil pastels.
I quite like the white leaves on the black paper! I would perhaps do this again for winter next year with some glitter or snowflakes or something fun to embellish.

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