Thursday, October 18, 2012

Perspective Pumpkin Patches

I recently did this lesson with my second graders to teach them about perspective and distance. We first used pencil to draw our guide lines (the horizon line, vanishing point, and perspective lines in the "patch".) Students then used crayon to color the pumpkins in, draw and color the barn, etc.
They then used black watercolor paint and painted the ENTIRE painting resist-style. It made it look like it was night time, which was great.
Some of these aren't yet dry, which is why you still see blobs of black paint on the crayon. Usually that dries and it doesn't look like that. I just wanted to get them photographed before they walked out the door.

This was a fun Fall project with great results that the students enjoyed! No new technique or ground-breaking lesson here, just a little something I wanted to share from my Art Room to yours.


  1. I really like your version of this lesson - the inky sky is so atmospheric! :)

  2. Just curious if you always send art work home or do you keep in a portfolio? Love all your lessons!