Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blog Posts of Holidays Past

I've been going through my arsenal of holiday-ish art projects, many of which I have forgotten about. I really love doing snowman projects with my kids (even though we live in Florida, and even though half of them have no inkling how to make a snowman, and I even make some  of these snowy projects AFTER the holidays.)

Anyway, here are some blog posts from Holidays past and links to the lessons. Enjoy!

Paper Quilled Christmas Trees. Easy quilling for beginners!

Stringing Up the Lights. A quick project using only chalk and sharpie!

 Shadowbox Snowmen Ornaments. These take a little time, and some extra materials you may not just have lying around your classroom. They are so cute and fun!

Fun Santa handprint art. A cute project a student made at home for me.

Handprint Reindeer Art. A controversial blog post about using handprints as art "jumping off points".

Are You UP for Winter. My most popular blog post, EVER. Not really sure why!

Perspective Snowmen, love the three different perspectives on this one.

Aerial Perspective Snowmen. Love how we're looking down at this guy!

Snowflake snowmen made with computer paper and a paint-resist background!

I'm working on lots of projects in the next couple of weeks, so I hope to add more soon!

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