Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Looking UP to Winter Layered Landscapes

I did a different, more simplified version of this project with my Kindergartners a few years ago and saw it popping up all over Pinterest again lately, which reminded me that I really loved it!
I love the perspective of the snowman looking up to the sky rather than right at you! Lots of my kids told me that their snowment were looking at Santa flying through the sky! Love it!
For this project you will need:
9x12 dark blue paper
9x10 turquoise paper
9x8 light blue paper
9x6 white paper
white tempera paint
crayons, buttons, scrap paper for scarves and other snowman details

The directions are pretty self-explanatory. We tore the tops off the white, light blue, and turquoise paper to make them look like snowy glaciers.
The only change I would make if I did this project again (which I will, likely when I'm reminded of it popping up on Pinterest again! Ha!) would be to use that "shaving cream paint" to make the actual snowman have some puff/volume to his body!

What winter projects are you UP to?!

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