Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Layered Landscapes (5 Ways!)

This lesson is an oldie, but a goodie...it was actually one of my very first lessons I taught when I did my fourth graders during my internship 14 years ago! There is quite a bit of prep to this lesson, but the end result is so worth it!

There are 4 "stations" I use for this lesson, and I will explain each one under the accompanying photo.

Before you start anything, though, here are the materials you should have on hand and the papers you should pre-cut for the project!

12x18 paper (background)
12x12 paper (layer 1)
12x9 paper (layer 2)
12x6 paper (layer 3)
12x3 paper (layer 4)
Watercolor paints
Bubble wrap
Printing ink
Rubbing Alcohol
Table Salt
Textured Rollers

Here are the materials for each station:

Station 1: Paint with any color watercolor and drop rubbing alcohol onto the wet paint.

Station 2: Paint with any colors and drop table salt onto the wet paint.

Station 3: Paint with "hot" color scheme and roll with ink and textured rollers on top.

Station 4: Paint with cool colors and use inked bubble wrap to stamp on top.

For the background, I had students use 2 cool colors and the "wet on wet" technique over the entire paper. The sun was created using some random painted paper I had in my art room.

Aren't they just SO colorful and fun?!


  1. Lovely & effective way to introduce different techniques.
    :) Elizabeth

  2. Hey...have you seen my paintings I did in grad school? Reminds me of this. Scroll down toward the bottom and you will see them. They are done in complementary colors. http://matartshowtededinger.blogspot.com/

    1. Oh my goodness! I love your grad school work...looks a lot like my "style", too. I especially like your Roundscape in the Land.:) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Joanna
    Yet another fabulous project. Thanks for explaining the table rotation logistics.