Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Splat Monsters!

This is a project I did with my First Graders and had AMAZING results! I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to take it a couple of steps further.
First, we read the book "Jeremy Draws a Monster" by Peter McCarty. I love that book and have used it for several different lessons

3 bottles of watered-down liquid watercolors (I like the Sax brand. It's well-priced and very brilliant!!!)
1 drinking straw for each child
Google eyes (not necessary but I had a parent donate about 2,000 of them to me!)
black crayon

I started out by pouring out a small puddle of liquid watercolor paints onto each child's paper. This was the BEST way I could think of to disperse the paints and it worked well!!!

Students used a straw the blow the puddles out around the paper. They made some very interesting shapes!

We then used some google-eyes and glued them onto the colorful shapes. *Yes, I did this when the paints were wet. This helped my first graders visualize what they would be creating the following week. 

We then used the Elements of Creativity PDF and black crayon to help us draw the arms, antennae, horns, mouths, etc that would turn our monsters into some more recognizable creatures. We used the black crayon to draw a background (most kids wanted outer space or stars or a simple patterned background) and a ground. I totally dig how these monsters turned out!

 Have a MONSTER of a good time with this one! 


  1. What a fun lesson! I bet the kids loved it. I had to smile at the comment about the google eyes. I was sorting through my art cabinet last week and they were turning up everywhere.

  2. Hi Joanna
    I can't access your elements of creativity PDF. Can you repost? Thanks.