Friday, November 30, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Holiday Advent Calendar

This is a little project we are doing in the next couple of weeks for the 12 days of Christmas. Is it totally "artsy"...NO...but I've learned to loosen the reins (so to speak) on my non-holiday art. Because let's face it...the kids LOVE it and you CAN tie them into standards. That being said...

For this project you will need:
12 strips of paper (1 brown, 1 yellow, 10 green)
Mini Staplers ( I have one on each table)

Here you can see the basic configuration of the loops. The theory is that you pull one loop off each of the 12 days before Christmas and you are left with the "star" the night before Christmas.

Have students that don't believe? Use all white paper to make snowy trees and leave the "advent" part out of the equation.

I also did a larger version of this project, for the 25 days before Christmas, on our collaborative blog PreK and K Sharing. You can check out that project here.


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