Friday, November 16, 2012

Positive/Negative Trees (and Implied Line too!)

I did this project with my Fourth Graders as a quick one-day lesson focusing on Positive and Negative well as Implied Line. While it could definitely be used as a Halloween project with a little more "spook" to it, we kept it simple and my students did SO WELL with it!

12x18 white paper
10x16 black paper
white oil pastel (or crayon, or even white colored pencil)
black crayon (or oil pastel, etc)
We started out working ONLY on the black piece of paper...with the white oil pastel. We made sure our features went off the page (this is important for later, as you can see!)
We then glued the black paper on to the white paper and extended our drawing (this time using black crayon because I think black oil pastel smears and really gunks up white paper) onto the white framed area.

A sure-fire project with great results. Happy creating!

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