Friday, November 2, 2012

The Spectrum of our Personalities

OHMIGOSH, I am so in love with this project. I originally found this idea on Pinterest (of course!) and thought I had pinned it but didn't. Hmmmm. Anyway, it was a great lesson on spectrum, paint mixing, incorporating text into artwork, and creating a personally meaningful work of art.

I had the students start out (using a 12x18" sheet of paper) make between 8-12 wavy lines on their paper. They then used ONLY the primary colors to paint in the wavy lines and mix the paints into the secondary and tertiary colors. (This took an entire class period).
On Day 2, I had the kids outline the lines with black crayon and then use a scrap sheet of paper to write words that describe themselves (or phrases about themselves, likes, or dislikes). They had to double-check spelling with me (some did, some didn't as you can see!) but for the most part, they did a wonderful job!
Part of my National Board portfolio that I realized was SO important was that artwork needs to be RELEVANT to students (Entry 3). I learned so much about my students doing this project: their frustrations, their likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, etc. This was also a beautiful PROCESS-oriented project which ended with a beautiful and meaningful PRODUCT!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great project - an excellent one for color mixing, and a lovely finished result! I'll be borrowing this one :)Elizabeth

  2. love this lesson.. linking you on my blog! ty

  3. Awesome! Totally doing this! What grade levels did this?

  4. I love this lesson.
    What a creative way for children to express themselves.

  5. What grade level did you do the project with?

  6. I did this lesson with first graders after seeing this blog! I've been doing this art project with my first graders for 5 years now and every year the kids love it! They love using paints ( I use water colors) and they LOVE sharing things about themselves to the class and the school.