Wednesday, April 27, 2011

tint and shade collage

This is yet another wonderful idea from (sorry, Melissa! I don't know why my hyperlink isn't working in Blogger!), adapted for my Kindergarten and First Grade students! This weekend I was, er, shopping at a certain home improvement store and, um, "sampled" a few of their paint sample sheets. I am going to have to hit up another nameless large home improvement store sometime this week for a few (hundered) more!

First off, I cut all the sample sheets in half and put them in a basket on their tables. I had them lay them out in "favorites", primary colors, secondary colors, spectrum order, etc. We then discussed tint and shade. They were to then choose 4 sheets of color(s) they liked and arranged them in their personal space from lightest to darkest.

The trick was that they had to use EVERY SINGLE SCRAP from their four sheets. No one was to throw anything away! We talked about abstract art, also, as they were to NOT make a picture out of anything. We were focusing on color, not on a subject here.

This was really fun and I think I am going to do this next year, adaptable to Picasso faces or something of that sort with my older students! That means a few (twenty-ish) more trips to another unsuspecting home improvement store! Gheesh!!


  1. I love this! Great ideas! It remindes me of those Sherwin Williams Advertisements where they use the paint samples! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your blog! I just gave you a versatile blogger award:

  3. Beautiful patterns, amazing colors.
    Paint samples facilitating an art project

    Excellent idea.

  4. This is sooo Awesome! So glad to inspire! I Love the way you organized this project! It is sooo different when you have a whole class of kids as compared to one 4 year old! You developed great guidelines to produce wonderful results!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. P.S. I felt bad getting paint samples for one child---can't imagine for 100 kids or so! There are some places (I will try to find out) That donate outdated samples which would be a little easier to do!

  6. Fantastic! I like the idea of letting the kids use all sheets and color focus...lovely work!

    Thanks for sharing.

    IB Clever

  7. @ Melissa, teehee...Try close to 300 kids (that is why I cut them in half and limited them to 4 sheets each!!!) Oh the things we do, hoard, and "borrow" from our local resources! Art teachers are PROS at this!

  8. I noticed the link did not go to the Chocolate Muffin Tree? : (

  9. This is a great idea with paint chips! I love the settings you made for the children to follow - no subjects and focus on color.

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

  10. What a great idea, beautiful!
    I saw something similar on Kunstraum, a German site, where kids should search matching colours in magazines.

  11. I just discovered your blog, because another blogger linked to your adorable lesson "hot dogs, cool cats".
    This paint chip lesson is so cool, so simple. I hung onto some paint chips for years, always planning to do something with them and now I'm kicking myself that they got thrown away!

  12. Just lovely and I have a huuuuge box of them that were donated to the art room at the end of last year - lucky me!

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