Thursday, February 14, 2013

Paul Klee and Heart Day

Whoops! I thought I had published this post last week!!!
This time of year I really like to add in some sort of iconic "heart-ish" this year I had planned on introducing my fifth graders to the art of Paul Klee.
Senecio, Paul Klee
Paul Klee had "invented" so many resist-styles in his art-making journey so I wanted to sort of emulate that in a project. This project is nothing AH-MAZING, but they're striking nontheless. I had them use black Sharpie and rulers to make 3-4 hearts, and then multiple intersecting horizontal, diagonal, and vertical lines on 12x18" paper.
They then used crayon (in color schemes-- violet, red, red-violet, pink, and white for the girls...and green, yellow-green, blue, turquoise, and white for the boys) to color in each shape that had been "created" by the intersecting lines. They were to color them in...but not color all the way to the black line, leaving a tiny bit of white paper showing.
They then used liquid watercolor paints as a resist and painted over their entire paper...fuschia for the girls, and turquoise for the boys. I'm so thrilled with the results!

Happy Valentine's Day!