Tuesday, October 25, 2011

folk art houses

I saw these cool paintings on Etsy and thought they were so adorable, so I did this lesson on Folk Art with my fifth graders. If I had it to do over again, I'd do it maybe with third grade to teach paintbrush control...my fifth graders got a tad bored with it and most of my boys thought their projects turned out "girly". I, of course, LOVE THEM!

We used orange and red construction paper to start, then used pencil to draw our basic layout. The kids used tempera paints mixed with a touch of white so they would stand out on the colored construction paper. For the patterns on the top we used bright acrylic colors. Lastly, we used liquid ink and paintbrushes to outline everything!


  1. These are beautiful compositions.
    I love the boldness of colors and patterns

  2. This may sound stupid, but I am a home schooling mom of older adopted kids...how do you explain your projects to your students? Do you show them a completed project first? Thanks!

  3. I love the patterns in these fun landscape paintings.