Thursday, April 5, 2012

Giant Rafflesia

Did you know? The Rafflesia is the largest flower in the rainforest! It is also VERY stinky. I didn't know this until my first graders told me and I decided to investigate....they're so smart!

First grade does a unit on the Rainforest that coincides with Earth Day each year. I love that they still do thematic units so I usually hop on board and make art with them that matches their curriculum. THEY LOVE IT (and so do the teachers!)

These are simple flowers that use lots of construction paper, and you can pretty much see how they were constructed, so I'm not going to leave a tutorial....

We used a lot fringing techniques for the leaves and centers of the flowers...and crumpled tissue paper for the seeds.

We used 12x18 papers for the flowers and 18x24 black paper to mount them on. This year I've been doing a ton of projects on very large scale and the kids are loving it!

Look for more Rainforest projects soon!

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  1. A beautiful flower project.
    An interesting flower to discuss scale in nature.