Tuesday, December 14, 2010

American Flag Collage

Our secondary students are "travelling" all over the United States this year, working on art that inspires us from the 50 states. In honor of Veteran's Day and Election Day, we made these American flag collages that were inspired by Faith Ringgold's "Flag" story quilt.
Students used blue and red-colored pieces from magazines (I pre-pulled a ton of stuff out of magazines for them so the temptation of looking through magazines instead of working wasn't there!) and they used the pieces to create the flag.

The project was done on a 12x18 sheet of white paper, the blue section measures 8"x6" and each stripe was made by tracing the edges (thickness) of the ruler. This worked pretty well without having to measure each line!
I just love the way these turned out! I was going to have the kids write a story in the white spaces (like Ringgold did) but I decided the more simplistic they were, the better.

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