Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Snowglobes

Art With Mrs. Smith is where I got the inspiration from. My kids just adored this project and I hope to make it a "regular" holiday project in coming years!
I used 12x18 black paper and gave the kids each a sheet of 12x18 newsprint. They drew the LARGEST oval they could on their newsprint and cut it out. This was used as the masking area as the students drew the "rays" and smudged them radiating from the snowglobe.

I forgot to mention we used white oil pastel. My first group I used white chalk and we had fingerprints. Everywhere. Yuck. The kids drew simple evergreens in the globe and topped the whole baby off with some glue dots for glitter. This was the "snow" in their globe. Glitter does make the world go 'round, ya know...
...well, not my world. Probably my custodian's world, but not mine.
I digress.
They're lovely, and the kids love them. Glitter and all!

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  1. Looks like fun...maybe you got the idea from this blog?
    I just came across it yesterday.