Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kimmy Cantrell Masks

Kimmy Cantrell is a modern sculptor who creates awesome, almost cubist, masks from clay. Based in College Park, Georgia, he really peeked my interest this summer while looking for modern artists who would also capture the children's attention!

This was a wonderful project for me as I go through this "why-on-earth-have-I-kept-this-junk-all-these-years" classroom cleanout. Why do I have all these pipe cleaners? I've never used pipe cleaners before, yet I have scads of them! Do they rub together and multiply in the cabinet?!

I digress.

You will need a bunch of random things for this project: Cardboard cut into long, strange shapes (I pre-cut mine and even spray-painted them black before I gave them to the kids!), leftover painted matboard pieces, pipe cleaners, small pieces of scrap papers, glitter glue...and your imagination!

I did this project with my fifth graders, though it probably would have even worked from grade 3 up! I think they did a wonderful job, and I cannot wait to enter some of these in our upcoming Venice Art Fest!

My kids inspire me to think creatively every day. Are you inspired?!
Happy creating!

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  1. My kids love Kimmy Cantrell. We are working on our own clay faces rignt now. :)