Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Assembly

Happy Veteran's Day from our school to yours! Yesterday was our annual Veteran's Day assembly and I thought I'd share with you a few of the highlights!Our Music Teacher, Carol Tausan, had rehearsed with the students for months, and one of their favorites was "God Bless the USA" which included a beautiful slide show. I love these shots of her directing the kiddos.

The conductor of the Venice Civic Band wanted the students to clap along to the music...
...of course they obliged! Anything to squirm and make more noise!

Were you wondering if any of the kindergartners were "playing along" to the piccolo solo during "Stars and Stripes Forever"? Yes, of course...!

Students holding the individual state flags, American flags and candles during "The Lights of Freedom" were very moving!
Each Veteran was presented with a flag from our choir with sincere gratitude for their service to our country.
The "Young Americans", our fourth and fifth grade vocal ensemble performed a song with the student body called "Thank You".

Lt. Col. Miller (Mrs. Tausan's father) spoke of his service in the Air Force and had the kids imagine what it would be like to refuel a bomber in mid-air.

This land was made for you and ME!

Celebrating all things American, one of our parents (Mrs. Scheyhing) became an American citizen just this week!

It was a wonderful day! Thank you to our Music Teacher, Mrs. Tausan, for preparing the students so well. I know it was a day they will never forget!

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