Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quilled Christmas Trees

In First Grade we made these great quilled Christmas trees! It's definitely a twist on the old "tree with ornaments"---and really challenges fine motor skills, too! I had plates of 1/2" paper strips on the tables and after they cut out their respective trees, quilled (rolled) the papers around a crayon to get the desired shape. They used a small "puddle" of glue (my worse nightmare, mind you!!!) and stuck the ornaments in place.
Some had quite a few that unraveled, but that kind of added to the "primary-ness" of it all...overall they did a wonderful job and this was a great activity!


  1. Really cute! I love it that you've introduced a new generation to quilling. :-)

  2. Thanks for your wonderful idea! I did this art project with my first graders. Hope you'll hop over to my blog to take a look.