Thursday, December 2, 2010

"shadowbox" snowman ornaments

These are a favorite Holiday craft for my students...and for ME! They're inexpensive to make, they all turn out GREAT, and they're a one-day project, which is a PLUS!

You will need:
Several 2-piece acrylic globe ornaments (I purchased mine at, but I've seen them in craft stores!)
Blue acrylic paint
glitter (optional)
Crayola Model Magic clay (white)
Pipe cleaners, ribbon, sharpie (for details on snowman)

Paint the inside of one half of the globe with blue acrylic paint. Add glitter for more fun! (optional)
Use the Model Magic to create a snowman with a base. The base is very important and will be what holds the snowman steady at the end of the project. Decorate the snowman with ribbon, pipe cleaners, and sharpie.
**Very important**- allow the Model Magic to completely dry out. If you try and glue it into your globe while still pliable, it will crack!!! Patience, my friends!!!

I like to use hot glue to glue this baby in there.

Add the "other" half of the acrylic globe and there you have it! A fun (professional-looking!!) "shadowbox" snowman ornament!
Happy Holidays!


  1. great idea! I may do this with penguins with my 3rd graders

  2. Wow! That's a beautiful ornament for a class. I love this idea and will save it for next years ornament club.

  3. great!!!