Thursday, January 13, 2011

happy feet!

I saw these on ARTolazzi's website and knew it was the perfect lesson for my first graders and Kindergartners! After all was said and done, they learned a LOT about geometric forms (circles, right triangles, etc) as well as collage!
For the snowflake "frame" they used pieces of cardboard dipped in white paint. They loved it, though some of them got VERY messy. First grade is doing a huge unit on penguins in their classrooms right now, so their teachers want these for writing prompts and for decoration. I love when teachers take a work of art one step further, or extend the lesson into their classes. It truly shows that art can run the course of all subject matters.
Speaking of that, I was reading in People Magazine this past weekend (on their last page- the "Top Five") about actor Ricky Gervaise. The question was for the actor to mention a "hidden or secret talent". He said he's gotten into painting lately. Abstract mostly. He also mentioned that he considered Art to be man's greatest achievement.
My little art heart melted. In this great time of educational uncertainty...some folks get it.


  1. How funny! My Kinders just finished making these also. :) I saw the idea on Artsonia.

  2. These came out great! I may have to try that some time in my class. My kids would love it!

  3. SO CUTE! I absolutely love these.


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  4. did something similar a few years back-
    love the frames