Monday, January 10, 2011

o'keeffe beginnings

My fifth graders are doing a great O'Keeffe project right now and I wanted to share (their yet unfinished) projects! First, I had them create a "viewfinder" from a piece of white paper to place atop a magazine or calendar picture of a flower. They were to find an interesting view of the flower and tape it on. They drew the enlarged version on a piece of black paper, making sure that whatever was seen in the viewfinder was showing on their black paper.
We're working on blending with the oil pastels. This is a great project for them to really concentrate on a small area of a picture and to look and see how many "versions" of a color are really in that red flower!
So far, so good! I will definitely post some of the results. I like what I see so far, and so do they!


  1. Beautiful! I'm starting an O'Keeffe project this week with watercolors. She's always fun.

  2. We're working on O'Keefe flowers too(I'm using viewfinders also)! These look wonderful already. Can't wait to see their finished pieces!

  3. thanks for giving me an Idea !