Thursday, February 17, 2011

hot glass!

I wrote a grant this year to the Education Foundation of Sarasota County entitled "Voice Your View: Making the Connection between Art and Life" which was to focus on art in our community. We are lucky to live in a wonderful area which supports the Arts tremendously, and has a rich artistic and cultural influence. There are an abundance of galleries, museums, art centers, art shows, and murals which adorn our little town. We are indeed lucky that our children have 55-minutes of Art per week in Elementary School.

I wanted my fifth graders to be aware of our artistic surroundings. I wanted to expose them to art that is literally around the corner from us. Last week we went to the Ringling Museum and viewed their beautiful collection of Baroque and Modern Art. This week we were lucky to have two artists from Firebug Studios (thank you Ms. Leanna and Ms. Lois!) teach us the art of glass fusing!

The students learned about glass and how it is "made", how to use glass cutting tools, and how to create these fabulous funky faces!

(Ms. Leanna helping Kristin cutting a piece of glass)

(Ready for transport for firing!)
Using local artists is a great way to advocate for your program, drum up business for their program, and to promote the Arts in general! I was so happy that the students learned about art experiences that were local, and that their excitement trickled down to their parents (I've received numerous phone calls about how much FUN they had!), how the excitement has trickled down to other grade levels ("when are WE going to do THAT?!"), and all the compliments from staff members on the beautiful display we have going in the display case.
And in case you're this SAFE? Absolutely! Glass cutters are not sharp. I told the kids the only way they will get cut is if they misuse or mishandle the glass. We DID have some major glass carnage today, however, as one shelf in the display case crashed on top of another shelf and we "lost" 6 sculptures. They will be replaced, but always remembered!
I hope to post more pictures of the finished display very soon!

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  1. Hi Joanna,

    Great idea bringing artists into the art class.
    I totally agree with you that it is a great way to advocate for the art program in our schools.

    I am working in bringing artists from our art community also.

    We visited artists in their studios last week.


    Your posts make feel like I want to join in one of your classes :)

    Happy creating