Wednesday, February 9, 2011

romero britto flower vases

I was first introduced to the artwork of Romero Britto as I was hanging a bulletin board for our P.E. teacher here at school. She had a cool poster about your heart, done with funky patterns and bold black lines. She told me she got it at her P.E. Conference and I was smitten from that moment! Her daughter lived and went to school in Boca Raton, FL and was pretty familiar with Britto's work as well.
Why didn't I know about Britto?!
I have worked on Britto projects with my third, fourth and fifth grade classes. Inspired by the print above (perfect for Spring!), my fifth graders made these beautiful patterned vases with simple patterned flowers inside.
We kept it simple, painting some of the petals solids and some patterned. I'm afraid if we filled everything with patterns it might have gotten really messy!
The outlining was done with liquid black ink applied with a small paintbrush.
So in case YOU weren't familiar with the art of Romero Britto, now you can be inspired to learn more!
I will share some Britto projects from my third and fourth graders soon!


  1. Beautiful!! I think I saw some cat and dog sculptures by this artist or else someone VERY similar : ) Love the colorful still lifes, they make me smile. : )
    Your mini monets are beautiful too!! Great lessons.

  2. These are beautiful, what a fun lesson!