Tuesday, January 31, 2012

heARTwork, project 2 (first grade)

My first graders just completed these beautiful positive/negative hearts in honor of "Jump Rope for Heart". As complicated as it looks, it was only a two-day project! There are a LOT of different elements in here, but our main focus was on positive and negative space.

On Day 1 we used tissue paper and glue water to create a colorful background (the same technique we used in these hearts).

On Day 2 I gave each child two 6x9 sheets of colored paper (two different colors). We folded them in half like a card and I gave them a 1/2 heart stencil. They traced the stencils and cut out the hearts. Obviously, the negative pieces (the "scraps") were glued onto the paper and the cool tissue paper background peeked through. We did some oil-pastel designs on them to dress them up a bit. For the positive pieces (the hearts) we did some "blottos" (thank you Melissa from the Chocolate Muffin Tree---they loved doing this and I forget sometimes to stick to the basics!) and glued them onto the coloful background caddy-corner from each other. We then added some black accents to make everything POP!

These hearts are making everything very COLORFUL at our school as we prepare for Jump Rope for Heart, as well as Valentine's Day!

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  1. I just did a post about this that I did with my Kinders. Thanks for the inspiration!!