Saturday, February 18, 2012

Matisse Vases

This Kindergarten project was inspired by Henri Matisse's "Purple Robe with Anemones" (above). I love the colorful, playful, graphic background and the wild flowers in the vase.

I think this was my FAVORITE Kindergarten vase ^^^. I LOVE the anemone-like flowers. It seems he really "got it" (in a kindergarten-way!) It's so honest, isn't it?!

Here is another of my favorites for sheer beauty :)

We did this project on a 12x18 sheet of white, cut the vase out, made designs on 4 sheets of 6x9 colored paper, and glued the vase on.


  1. I'm a homeschooler mom and i just love your projects!!! (as do my kids!) artisitc creativitiy is NOT my gifting:) yesterday we did the blot butterflies-- my 5 year old LOVED it! am going to try these vases next week:) thanks for all your creative ideas!!!

  2. Joanna -

    I love this! It is so colorful. Looks like a great way to teach Matisse patterns and observational drawing. I just pinned it!

    Rina at

  3. These are Kinders? They are gorgeous!

  4. These are have amazing kindergarten artists!