Wednesday, February 15, 2012

woven cities

I've been "Pinspired" by some adorable woven houses I've seen on Pinterest by Painted Paper. I've never really used painted paper as adornment for things...but let me tell you---I HAD THE BEST TIME SPONGE PAINTING these papers that we used for our weavings! (yes, I did it, not the kiddos).
For this project we used two 6x9 "looms" (made of paper) to create the houses. The kids then went crazy with the scrap box and used various painted papers, pieces of folia cardboard and oil pastels to create their little neighborhood!

(Would you like to ride on THAT tire swing?! Looks like an insurance claim waiting to happen!!!)

The kiddos then went to town using the splatter box to create their starry sky background. They had so much fun...I love all of the interesting details, and I LOVE the colors!

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  1. those are really cool! I wonder what I can fit those into...hmmm...

  2. love these colorful houses and I like the idea of skipping the step of the kids doing the sponge paint! I also like all of the different texures.

  3. Great houses! Love the idea of turning the weaving into the house. What grade did you do these with?