Thursday, September 13, 2012

reggie laurent "shapely" abstractions

Reggie Laurent is a modern art painter who lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area. He often works on black canvas, painting his organic shapes and squiggles first in white and then covering them in colored acrylic.

My fifth graders have viewed the work of Reggie Laurent, and while they would LOVE to emulate his stule of acrylic-on-canvas, it just isn't in our budget! SOOOO, we did the next best thing: cut paper on black. Students used paper from the scrap box and glued it onto a sheet of 12x18 black paper. We then used colored oil pastel to layer and doodle designs on top of the cut paper. A white "thread" of oil pastel was then woven through the remaining negative black spaces to tie the whole project together!

This was really a "no-brainer" for my fifth graders and they liked learning about Laurent and his style of painting! For more about Reggie Laurent, visuals, , and a great interview to share with your students, click over to Art Is Fun to read more!


  1. Thanks for introducing me to this artist. I LOVE his work!!!! I especially like the way the white lines tie everything together. In one of my 4th grade classes today we were talking about how some artist start a painting not knowing how it will evolve or what the final painting will look like. Next week I will share Reggie Laurent's interview comment about how his art often emerges as he works. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

    1. absolutely...and that's what we talked about when discussing this project...the process of non-objective artwork! i've found that kids have a hard time "being creative" when they have no specific visual representation in mind. it's my personal goal to change that up this year by doing more abstract and non-representational artwork!

  2. What a beautiful lesson! I hope you don't mind. I posted a link to this lesson from Art Sub Lesson blog. I think folks could adapt this one for a sub. Jan

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