Monday, September 10, 2012

organic shape monsters 2

This project which focuses on imagination and geometric-vs-organic shape is one of my favorite lessons to teach! I've shared my students' results here before, and today I've featured the lesson over at PreK and K Sharing! It remains my most-viewed lesson on my blog :)

My kindergartners love this project and I am always stunned with their amazing, colorful results! If you do this project with your kiddos, please leave a link to their work in the comment section...I LOVE going back to see what others do with the same lesson!


  1. I did this lesson (book & all) after you posted it last year and the kids loved it and the results were adorable too. Plus it's nice to have a lesson every once in a while that doesn't involve mixing paints, washing brushes, cleaning tables, etc. Great lesson!

    1. Thanks, Phyl! I do love "no-brainer" lessons...with great results!

  2. A great way to encourage kids out of their comfort zone of steryotyped faces etc. Thanks!

  3. This is my first year with kinders. i am definitley giving this one a try! Thanks! :)