Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Too Much Glue!

This summer I was contacted to review a book called "Too Much Glue" by  Jason Lefebvre  and I jumped at the chance! The illustrations by  Zac Retz were so adorable, and the issue of "too much glue" runs rampant in my classroom. I've blogged about it a couple of times and have yet to find an awesome permanent solution.

I digress.

Just like Matty in the book embraces his love of glue and turns it into a "masterpiece", I embraced my Kindergartners love of piling glue onto paper and had them make their own gluey masterpieces!

First, we used glue to make wiggly, squiggly, criss-crossed lines of glue (not puddles!) on our 9x12 black paper.

Next, we let them dry for 24 hours (in my case, they picked up the project again the next week since I see my kiddos once per week).

We then used oil pastel to color inside the spaces and shapes the glue lines created. Students had to be careful NOT to go beyond the glue lines (it helps that the glue stays raised on the paper. It gives kind of a "bumper" effect to help students color in the lines.

Students did a GREAT job filling up the entire masterpiece with color!

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