Monday, November 21, 2011

"Embracing" Handprint Art

I was recently told on my Artsonia site by an anonymous commenter "If I see another piece of handprint art I'm going to SCREAM"! What are your thoughts? Do you utilize your Kindergartner's (or other levels') handprints to create artwork? Do you feel that sometimes you should forego standards and benchmarks and just make art for "arts sake"?

I have my thoughts spelled out in a post that I write for a blog called PreK and K Sharing ( . Come on over and see what I have to say!


  1. LUV knowing the punch-line!!!

    Thanks so much for your contribution over at PreK + K Sharing.

    All the best!!

  2. Very well said! It's so hard to just let things like that go. Especially when they don't have the courage to post their name. I just did some hand print projects with 1st grade today and have plans to do some with 3rd grade soon! I'm trying to at least do hand prints in my own way. My son is almost one and I've done a print of his foot every month so far. We made Valentines', a ghost for Halloween, and thinking about making Christmas trees for grandparents, too. I did a foot print in salt dough over the summer then broke it so I'm planning to do a hand print soon. It gets me all choked up looking at his newborn footprint and seeing the growth. Now back to my original point, I loved your post!

  3. Just came across your blog. I used to teach K/PS & did lots of handprint projects. Now I teach 1st grade & still do them because the kids (& parents)love them! I don't think we should sometimes forego standards/benchmarks & do something for "arts sake". I think we should forgo them more often for "kids sake" & the joy of developmentally appropriate learning & teaching!! Lovely blog - keep up the sweet handprint projects!

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