Thursday, November 17, 2011

mixed-media owls

I am on such an owl-kick this year it's not even funny. How many differnt ways can you make an owl? Don't answer that (but if you have an awesome owl lesson, I'd love you to link it in the comments section so we can all see!)

I made these little ditties with my first graders, who needed a quick-fall-ish-fill-in-a-day project before Thanksgiving break.

I've mentioned before my addiction to hoarding everything I rounded up some corrugated paper, some origami paper, pipe cleaners and feathers and the kids went to town!


  1. We just made some mixed media owls, too! Inspired by That Artist Woman. LOVE owls! Nice job : )

  2. These are adorable! Owls seem to have made a come back this year!! I just completed them also with my first grade but have not uploaded yet!!

  3. Check out our black-glue-pastel owls at: