Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snowy Silhouettes

In Florida, we're TORN about winter! I mean, we want it to get colder....but we also enjoy playing with Christmas gifts outside in our warm weather! My third graders created these beautiful snowy silhouettes, though, and I wanted to share them!

First, I gave them blue, purple, and white paints (no water, I wanted the paint to mix on their brushes) and had them create a background. Most turned out stripe-y. 
On Day 2, I gave them a 4x18 strip of white paper and had them tear the long edge off and glue it on as the layer of "snow". I then gave them a 3x18 strip of black and had them do the same thing...and this was the silhouetted "land".
They used scrap black and white from the scrap box to make their torn trees and snow!
I love how everyone's turned out so differently. I was glad they were able to move beyond their imperfections (bumpy, lumpy limbs and tree trunks) to see the true beauty of nature. 

It's funny that as I write this we're "freezing" and it's 69 degrees today. We'll see ya on the beach on Christmas Day, though...we should be back up to 80. ENJOY!


  1. What type of glue did they use to glue the paper down to the painted background? Elmers, glue stick, something stickier? Thanks! They look great!

  2. we just used white glue. we run out of glue stick too frequently...i rarely buy those! thanks for your comment!