Monday, October 11, 2010

Fred Babb-style Self Portraits

Fred Babb is an inspirational artist who has created a wonderful book called "Go To Your Studio and Make Stuff". It's actually a poster book and I've pulled some of them out and they are hanging around my classrom. Fred uses the perfect mix of inspirational art quotes mixed with funky, funny artwork. My kids absolutely adore his artwork and it sparked me to have them make some of their own inspirational posters!
I did this project once with acrylic paint and canvases, but the words got lost along the way. I found that using oil pastel on black paper (withOUT the use of pencil---GASP!) was much more freeing for the kids to be expressive and not worry about mistakes!
I did not give the kids ideas for their quote. I had them brainstorm and think of ideas. It needed to contain the word "art" in it, but that was the only direction I gave them. Most began with "Art is..." with an adjective, others got more creative!

I was very proud of their work, and even more proud of how art has become a part of their lives. Gosh I'd like to think that was because they learned something in Art or that they are appreciative of how hard it is to be creative.

One could only hope!

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