Monday, October 4, 2010

Totally Twisted Trees

I really love fall projects! Here in Florida we rarely see a change of seasons, so you have to first teach students what FALL is (sad, I know!) and then teach them how to do the project. It's a tough life, I tell ya!

This is a great project for third or fourth graders. The materials are minimal: brown paper towels, scraps of tissue paper, glue, and 9x12 blue paper. If you were doing this for spring you'd change the color scheme a bit, but the idea is still the same!

To make the trees and branches, you just take random scraps of brown paper towel and twist them. I had the kids glue two or three twists together to make the trunk of the tree.

Use smaller pieces of paper towel to make the branches and teeny weenie pieces to make the twigs. Yes, be sure to use the word teeny weenie.

Ball up pieces of scrap tissue paper to make your foliage. Put lots and lots on the tree and also make a bed of leaves on the "ground".

Tip: Don't tell your custodian what all the paper towels are for. Remember, it's better to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission. 'Nuff said!

Have fun!


  1. What a cute idea!! I may have hubby raid the rest room at the base! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This tree is GREAT ! Love it. My kids will really enjoy making their own.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration!
    We made the trees in my Earth School! The children loved the activity.

    Take a peek !

    happy day!

  4. Hello! Hope it is okay...I'm sharing this on my facebook page. Awesome idea!

  5. These are beautiful! We're all about tree crafts here these days. We're definitely going to have to try these! Gorgeous!

  6. Awesome! I made a 3D tree using color paper and tissue paper for my Sunday school class. Never thought someone actually has done this before. Goes to show how more than one person can each have the same idea and or concept without ever actually seeing someone else's work. Your tree is lovely!