Friday, October 8, 2010

Kinder Kandinskys

I love watching Kindergartners paint. There is just so much joy they express through their little hands. This is a favorite project of mine, and a favorite for parents to see as well. It takes minimal supplies and is based on Wassily Kandinsky's "Study of Concentric Circles".

Of course for Kindergartners, this is loosely based on this painting, but they think it's awesome that their artwork looks JUST like a famous artists' work!

For this project I use:
Tempera block paint (I'm a BIG fan of this paint for the little guys!)
12x18 white paper pre-folded into 8 square sections

Have students make concentric circles within the confines of the folded sections using paint. Once the circle gets too big, have them choose a color to fill in the negative space. I don't allow ANY white space on the paper when they're finished!

Here are some Kindergarten results!

Creative, expressive, and totally kindergarten! I could look at these all day!
Happy Creating!

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  1. Just found your blog - it's now in my reader and will be linked on my new art lesson blog - I did a similar project with the children in my multi-aged child care, only we used watercolors. I agree with you on how great they came out - for us too. It's a lesson I will be doing again with future groups.